Madder root


Madder root

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Madder root (Rubia Cordifilia) is one of our most favourite natural dyes. The use of madder root as a dye dates back to no less than 3000 BC and was used all over the world. Not only have finds been made in the tomb of Tutankhamun, but also in China. The colour red has been a very popular colour for dyeing clothes for centuries. The colour red expresses warmth, life, power, passion and energy. This madder root is excellent for achieving beautiful orange, but also light or deep red colours. The range of red colours that can be achieved with madder root is virtually endless. The final result does depend on the pH value of the water, the temperature of the water and the amount of alum.

We find it important to know the source of our madder. Our madder root is grown in a natural and traditional way in several regions where madder grows extremely well. The farmers where we buy our madder, of course get an honest price for their product and the work they do.