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Pure and authentic fabrics

Classic Fabrics offers a broad range of fabrics, yarns and leg wraps. In the first place meant for the reproduction of historic clothing. But I bet there are so much more things you can make out of it for all day use! In our assortment you will find high quality and pure fabrics such as 100% wool, linen, or a mix of both and even cotton. Our fabrics are selected with care and only the highest quality is included in our range. Every single piece of fabric is tested on composition before entering our shop. This guarantees a constant quality and reliable selection of fabrics that are suitable for making clothes for re-enactment of different periods. In the case that the fabric contains a little plastic such as polyester or acryl, we say so in the subscription and the price will be more attractive too.

Natural and historical dyeing process

Throughout history, people have dyed their fabrics and textiles using common and uncommon locally available materials. This varied from leaves from all sorts of plants, roots, berries and tree bark, to vegetable materials such as onion skins and walnut shells. Tree fruits were also used, such as acorns or chestnuts. Even insects, such as cochineal were used. Each raw dye material resulted in a different color. Also, a combination of different dye materials was often used to obtain a certain color. We try to simulate this dyeing process as historically accurate as possible. Classic Fabrics avoids any use of chemical additives or dyeing materials.

Fabrics and accessories for many purposes

Our fabrics and yarns can be used for a variety of applications. Not only can our fabrics be used for re-enactor clothing depicting characters from Roman times to the present day, but also for everyday use such as modern clothing, curtains, tablecloths, bed linen, pillowcases and all other things that a nice piece of fabric can be used for. When you buy fabrics from us, you get a high quality and responsible product. Do you have questions about our fabrics and textiles? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

The highest quality guaranteed

Our fabrics are carefully selected for quality, appearance, thickness and softness. Only the highest quality is included in our collection. We strive to offer our customers a sophisticated range with only the highest quality fabrics and textiles. Do you have any questions about our range, the origin of the fabrics or any other question? We will be happy to help you. Please contact us, or even better: come and visit us. We are happy to show you what we have to offer.