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100% natural wool

Classic Fabrics offers a wide range of high quality woolen fabrics. Our woolen fabrics are thoroughly tested for authenticity upon arrival. As a result, we guarantee fabrics that are suitable for every type of re-enactment. In addition, we believe it is important that our wool is sourced from a responsible supplier that, like us, is committed to animal welfare and the environment.

Plant dyed wool

Classic Fabrics offers a refined selection of high quality plant dyed fabrics. Our fabrics are of course made from 100% wool and therefore do not contain any artificial fibres. Our plant dyed wool fabrics are carefully selected for the highest quality and hand dyed using natural raw materials such as madder, indigo, walnut husks, red sandalwood, rhubarb root, onion, heather and many more. For the dyeing process, we only use raw materials that come directly from nature and are harvested in a responsible manner. In addition, we try to use as little clean tap water as possible. Instead, we collect as much (filtered) rainwater as possible to use for dyeing.

History of wool

As an important supplier of wool, humans and sheep have a long history. Wool is a fantastic natural product and is suitable for many different purposes. Throughout history, particularly in the time of Charlemagne (747-814), wool production was one of the most important raw materials. Many peoples made intensive use of wool because it was relatively easy to produce and because wool has a number of benefits over other fabrics. Wool is a resilient raw material which makes it soft and warm to the touch. In addition, wool ventilates very well. Not less important: wool has a long lifespan and can last up to 80 years. Wool was (and still is) widely used for clothing such as trousers, tunics and coats, but also blankets and even tarpaulins for ships.

Applications for our wool

Wool fabrics are wonderfully warm and perfect for the colder days. In our wide range, you will find wool in different thicknesses and weaves. You will find weaves such as diamond twill, herringbone, smooth and diagonal twill. You can use our wools to make comfortable trousers, a beautiful tunic, a coat or how about a warm cape? Whatever you want to make, our fabrics will help you to complete your new historical outfit.

Questions about our woolen fabrics?

Do you have a question about our woolen fabrics or a specific product? Or do you have a question about the stock or delivery time of our fabrics? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions. You can reach us via our customer service.