We ship our products worldwide. To make it easy for you, we explain below how our shipment process works and what you can expect when you have ordered. For all other questions we advise you to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you.

Shipping method

Please note that we send your order with standard shipping rates. Express, next-day delivery is not possible. Since we use DHL as a third party courier to carry our goods, we cannot be responsible for failure to deliver on time, delivery to an incorrect address or loss of goods in transit.

Weekend delivery

It is wise to take into account that it is possible that your order will not be delivered during the weekend. We cannot guarantee that your order will be delivered during the weekend.

Customs charge or duty

Any customs charge or duty is not included and the customer will be liable to pay. In some countries there may be local import duties to pay. These are not the responsibility of Classic Fabrics and any associated costs are to be borne by the customer.

Signing for your package

Deliveries will require a signature. Therefore, the customer must be at home on the day the package is offered. If no one is at home and the parcel cannot be delivered, the parcel will be taken back and delivered at a pick-up point in the neighborhood. You will receive a card in the mailbox where the parcel will be delivered.

Depending on which carrier we ship your parcel with (PostNL or DHL), it may also happen that your parcel is delivered to your neighbors. You will then receive a card in the letterbox with which house number your parcel was delivered.

Points of attention for shipping

Customers are strongly advised to inform us at point of order if there are any special considerations to take into account when delivering goods – i.e. if an address is particularly difficult to find, if using GPS may be misleading, if a particular delivery is more convenient than another etc.

Shipping within the Netherlands (PostNL)

Country of destination0 – 30 kg> 30 kgTransit daysTrack & Trace
Netherlands€ 6,75€ 13,251 – 2Yes

International shipping rates (DHL)

Destination0 – 2 kg2 – 5 kg5 – 10 kg 10 – 20 kgTransit daysTrack & Trace
Austria€ 11€ 19€ 24€ 334Yes
Belgium€ 9,75€12,75€ 14,75€ 17,752Yes
Denmark€ 11€ 19€ 24€ 335 – 6Yes
Finland€ 16€ 23€ 30€ 396-7Yes
France€ 11€ 19€ 24€ 335Yes
Germany€ 11€ 19€ 24€ 333Yes
Ireland€ 12€ 19€ 24€ 335-6Yes
Italy€ 11€ 19€ 24€ 335Yes
Luxembourg€ 11€ 19€ 24€ 302Yes
Poland€ 12€ 19€ 24€ 334Yes
Portugal€ 12€ 19€ 24€ 336-7Yes
Spain€ 12€ 19€ 24€ 336-7Yes
Sweden€ 12€ 19€ 24€ 334Yes
United Kingdom€ 18.5€ 25€ 31€ 404 – 5Yes
Other EU countries€ 16€ 23€ 30€ 39Ask usAsk us
United States€28.05€ 41.30€ 70.80€ 130.30Ask usAsk us
Rest of the world€ 29.3€ 46.8€ 83.3€ 145.3Ask usAsk us

Other shipping questions

Why aren't you offering free shipping?

Due to the nature of our products and the complexity of the shipping process, we can unfortunately not offer free shipping.

My shipment got lost. What can i do?

Too sorry to hear that your order has gone missing. First of all, we urge you to find out in which part of the transport your order has been lost. You can then contact the relevant carrier (PostNL or DHL), the customs of the country of origin or the customs of your country. Classic Fabrics is not responsible for the loss or loss of your order. Of course we are happy to help you find your order.

Can i pick a date of delivery?

For technical reasons it is not yet possible to choose a day of delivery.

I'm not happy with the choice of your carriers. Can I choose a carrier myself?

No. Unfortunately it is not possible to choose your own carrier. When your order is delivered in the Netherlands, your order will be delivered by PostNL. When your order is delivered abroad, we prefer a reliable international carrier such as DHL.