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Shop leg wraps and winingas online at Classic Fabrics

Our wide range also includes undyed leg wraps (also known as winingas or wadenwickel) with different motifs and patterns. Our leg wraps are available with a diamond twill pattern, but also duotone herringbone pattern or a plain herringbone pattern. No less important is the fact that our leg wraps are made in a traditional way and are therefore made of 100% wool. You can order them per 50 centimeters of length. This way you never order too much. Of course you get them in one piece. The usual length per leg required is between 3 and 6 meters, depending on the shape of your leg and the amount of windings you prefer.

Leg wraps and winingas throughout history

Leg wrappers, is a long strip of (mostly) wool that is wrapped from the foot to the knee, or the other way around. Many peoples used leg wraps. It is known that the leg wraps were used by the Romans, Vikings, but also during the Middle Ages and even up to the Second World War they were used. Usually you could see their use in military context. Leg wraps were in most cases used for extra warmth and protection of the legs. There are also signs that leg wraps were also used to promote blood flow in the legs during long walks.

Fastening your leg wraps or winingas

By far the most illustrated method of fastening the winingas is to wind them up from the ankle and to fasten them at the top under the knee. The loose end appears to be tucked in, but the exact method is not known. A method based on puttees is to run the strip from the knee down under the bridge of the foot, before winding it back up, and tie the two ends together. Other alternatives are to use fibula’s, pins or clothing hooks, or to split the last 12″ (30cms) of the end into two strips and tie them together.

Questions about our legwraps?

We understand that you might have some questions about our Leg wraps. If you have questions about the stock or the delivery time of a product, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you. But you can also contact our customer service if you want some advice before you buy our Leg wraps. Either way, we are here to help. You can reach us via e-mail, our Live Chat or by phone. And of course you’re always welcome to come and have a look around in our shop (on weekdays). We do ask you to make an appointment in advance via our customer service.