About us

Classic fabrics is a new webshop with fabrics and accessories. In the first place meant for the re-enactors of all era’s but you can  do so much more with these beautiful products in our present time. So whether  you want to make curtains, bedding, pillows, trousers, a winter jacket or puppet clothes, you can find the classic fabrics here to do so.

We originally started with (plant)dyeing our own fabrics, first silk and later on more and more wool. To fill the gap between these high end fabrics and the cheap and not pure products of most nowadays webshops we decided to start this shop.

We hope that we have what you are looking for and if not you let us know. Of course we did not stop with plant-dyeing. it  is what we like most! You will find some of these products occasionally at Classic Fabrics. Do you want to see all the stuff we  have made and will do? Take a look at our Facebook page called A Selyem Turul.