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Shop naturally dyed fabrics online at Classic Fabrics

Classic Fabrics offers a wide range of traditionally dyed fabrics for historical reenactment purposes, or of course for everyday purposes. Our high-quality fabrics are dyed using only the very best raw materials that nature has to offer. These include indigo, woad, heather, madder, walnut shells, union skins and a variety of plants and roots. In addition, no chemicals are used in the dyeing process. This assures you of a beautiful product with a low co2-footprint and a historically responsible characteristic.

Our assortment naturally dyed fabrics

Our fabrics consist of high quality wool, soft linen, supple cotton or super soft silk. During our purchasing process we select only the very best quality fabrics and include them in our range. So you are always guaranteed the best quality and a product that lasts. This is why customers keep coming back to us. Because we are always looking for the best quality for our customers, our range is constantly changing and some fabrics may become unavailable over time. Of course, we will provide an equivalent alternative.

Questions about our fabrics?

Do you have a question about our fabrics or a specific product? Or do you have a question about the stock and delivery time of our fabrics? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions. You can reach us via our customer service.