How Classic Fabrics commits to a low carbon footprint

How Classic Fabrics commits to a low carbon footprint

The world around us is changing. Humankind’s impact on nature and the climate is enormous, though fortunately we are becoming increasingly aware of our impact these days. We contribute to supporting a climate-conscious society. We believe it is important to pass on the world to future generations in a responsible way, without them having to foot the bill. Which is why we are striving for a sustainable business, in which all our activities and processes respect nature and the climate. We have developed five principles that contribute to a sustainable company, the most important of which is reducing our CO2 emissions and contribute to a low carbon footprint. How we guarantee our performance ladder is explained below.

1. We use rainwater instead of clean tap water to dye fabrics.

One of our most important activities is the traditional dyeing of fabrics and textiles. We use a lot of water for this. The water we use is rainwater and is collected in water silos on our own grounds. We believe that the use of clean tap water is a completely unnecessary luxury that has no advantage over rainwater. Nor is there any difference in the end result, whether you use rainwater or tap water. There is already a worldwide shortage of clean drinking water, so why should we let this shortage increase even further? That is why we prefer to use rainwater. In addition, we give the rainwater that we used for dyeing back to nature. We can do this thanks to the fact that we dye with 100% natural dyes and mordants that are easily degradable by nature. So nothing goes to waste and the dyeing process is completely circular.

2. We use 100% natural dyes and mordants

When we dye our fabrics, we use 100% natural dyes and mordants that are completely biodegradable by nature. No chemical additives whatsoever are used in the dyeing process. On the one hand because their use is totally unnecessary, and on the other hand because we avoid their use from a historical point of view. Our fabrics have a historically responsible character, and contemporary chemical additives do not contribute to the character of our merchandise. Moreover, chemical additives have a great impact on nature and are poorly or even non-degradable. If we were to use chemical additives, we could not give the bath water back to nature and would have to take it to specially designated collection points.

3. We reuse packaging

Visually appealing and enticing packaging is an essential part of branding for many businesses. From our sustainability point of view, we approach this in a different way. After all, packaging is something you no longer use and throw away after unpacking your products. In addition, in many cases, the cost of expensive packaging material is also passed on to the merchandise, which means that you as a customer are actually paying for it. Therefore, we have chosen to reuse used packaging to deliver our products to you. This is better for the environment, and it also reduces our carbon footprint. It is therefore possible that you will receive our products in packaging with a sticker or print from another company. However, we do of course place a small sticker of our own on the packaging to make it recognisable. And even our sticker is made of recycled paper.

4. Our webshop runs on green hosting

The world’s energy needs continue to grow. Still, too much use is made of energy from polluting sources, such as coal and gas power stations. Before we started our webshop, we began a search for a hosting provider that also contributes to a clean world. Eventually, we found a party in Denmark that provides their servers with electricity that is generated from wind turbines.