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Shop leather belts online at Classic Fabrics

Our collection of leather belts are made from naturally and vegetable tanned leather of the best quality. Our belts can not only be used as just a belt, but for various other purposes, for example as handles for bags, closures for leg wraps and as a carrying strap for, for example, wicker baskets. There is always a suitable purpose for our belts. The belts can be ordered per 50 centimetres and are glued almost invisibly every metre or one and a half metre.

Naturally tanned leather belts

Leather is one of the oldest natural materials that all our ancestors valued. They made clothes and blankets from the skins of their prey. Since leather is a material that can spoil, people used to develop appropriate methods to stabilize rough animal skins and make them more durable. This process is called tanning. Our belts are tanned vegetable and naturally. Naturally tanned leather, also called vegetable tan leather, is the vegetable tanning and purification of the hides in a natural way. In this way, we guarantee a product that is excellently suited for a historically sound depiction.

Maintenance for your leather belt

Because our belts are made of a natural product they sometimes need some minor maintenance. In order to enjoy your belt as long as possible, we advise you to treat the belt every now and then with a protective (bees’) wax. There are protective products especially for vegetable tanned leather that not only make the leather waterproof but also protect it against extreme cold or extreme heat. Wait a few hours so that the wax is properly retracted. Because leather has to air, we advise you never to store the belt in a plastic bag or airtight packaging. This prevents the belt from becoming mouldy.

Questions about our leather belts?

Do you have a question about our leather belts or a specific product? Or do you have a question about the stock and delivery time of our accessories? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions. You can reach us via our customer service.