Red sandalwood


Red sandalwood

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Red sandalwood is a very versatile product which originates mainly from Asia. It is mainly used for wood carving, to extract essential oils and is found in cosmetics and perfumes. But it also lends itself perfectly to use as a natural dye. In addition to its wonderful woody smell, the wood also gives off a very elegant red-orange and peachy hue (depending on which material you use for dyeing). When dyeing with red sandalwood, one usually uses shredded or powdered sandalwood. Our red sandalwood dye comes in shredded form.


Tip: Before you start dyeing with red sandalwood, we recommend that you pre-soak the wood chips in warm or hot water overnight. By doing so, you give the wood chips the opportunity to release the dye in a concentrated form, making the final dyeing process faster and less time-consuming. We also recommend that you add alum to the dye bath during the dyeing process. This ensures that the dye adheres better to the fabric.