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Shop natural dyes and mordants online at Classic Fabrics.

Classic Fabrics offers a refined selection of natural dyes and mordants to get started with the traditional dyeing of your fabrics. In our selection you will find madder, rhubarb root, walnut husks, heather, woad, red sandalwood and many others. Our natural dyes and mordants come from a sustainable source and are harvested responsibly.

High quality natural dyes and mordants

We select our natural dyes and mordants for the highest quality. During the purchasing process, we subject the products to high quality requirements and of course test the raw materials ourselves to ensure that they are suitable for inclusion in our selection. So you are always guaranteed high-quality natural dyes and mordants. As soon as the raw materials are found to be suitable, we buy them in bulk in order to be able to offer our customers a competitive price. No less importantly, we are constantly expanding our search for the best raw materials and are always looking for new high-quality dyes and mordants to expand our collection. This is why customers keep coming back to us.

Questions about our natural dyes and mordants?

Do you have a question about our natural dyes and mordants or a specific product? Or do you have a question about the stock and delivery time of our natural dyes and mordants? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions. You can reach us via our customer service.