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Shop iron fibulae online at Classic Fabrics

In our assortment you will find small iron fibulae, also called pins. Our fibulae can be used for various purposes, such as attaching or closing your leg wraps, to hold your coat or cape together, and many other purposes for which you can use a fibula. Our pins are available in different diameters and are made of high quality iron.

Fibulae throughout history

The fibula, also known as the coat pin or cloth pin, is a historical utensil and decorative object that served as a locking pin for garments. The object, usually made of metal, has a two-part locking mechanism in the form of a pin and a hole or bracket. The fibula can be seen as the precursor of the button and the zipper. The fibula was useful for attaching coats and other garments (such as the gown) to the shoulder. Roman women wore a stole above their tunic. This stole was tied with a fibula. The Greeks also used fibulae for their peplos. In several areas of Europe fibulae have been found; the oldest date from 800 BC. These fibulae had a tight binding behind or to the side of the piece of jewelry and on the front silver and gold decorations with a.o. animal heads. A fibula was also found in the tomb of Sutton Hoo.

Questions about our fibulae?

Do you have a question about our fibula’s or a specific product? Or do you have a question about the stock and delivery time of our accessories? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions. You can reach us via our customer service.